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Dew drops on clover leaves are my favorite thing, I saw these little guys outside the art studio yesterday…

my name is Tahlia which means “morning dew” and I get really happy when I see pictures like this, it makes me feel really pretty and sweet and special ^.^

“I like punk rock. I like girls with weird eyes. I like drugs. I like passion. I like things that are built well. I like innocence. I like and am grateful for the blue collar worker whose existence allows artists to not have to work at menial jobs. I like killing gluttony. I like playing my cards wrong. I like various styles of music. I like making fun of musicians whom I feel plagiarize or offend music as art by exploiting their embarrassingly pathetic versions of their work. I like to write poetry. I like to ignore others’ poetry. I like vinyl. I like nature and animals. I like to be by myself. I like to feel guilty for being a white, American male.” - Kurt Cobain

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